2490-2496 Rivermont Ave

  • Upper Rivermont
  • Business
Property Name
Rivermont BierHaus/Rivermont Pizza
Date Built
C.H. Hinnart
Style & Architectural Description
Colonial Revival. 1-story, 6-bay-wide, 7-bay deep brick commercial building with a stepped parapet on front facade. Building has wide classical entablature below a tiled pent roof and corners are marked by 2 fluted pilasters and 3 brick pilasters. West facade has arched windows alternating with pilasters.
  • 1927-1976 Unknown
  • Unknown-1976 C.R. & Nancy D. Butler
  • 1976-1977 David D. & Leslie M. Basten
  • 1977-1979 Rosalie D. Basten
  • 1979-2006 Rivermont Company 
  • 2006-Present Woo Enterprises LLC
Anecdotal Information
These addresses have been home to a variety of businesses over the years, and there may be some confusion with other commercial structures in this strip as well as due to shifting addresses for these building. According to the Lynchburg City Directory, the following businesses occupied 2490: From 1912-1916 A.C. Cheatham Clothing Co., from 1917-1927 The Randolph Apartments, in 1928 Bandbok Ladies' Ready to Wear, from 1930-1933 The Wyatt Shoppe Variety Store/Antiques, from 1935-1938 The Rivermont Beauty Salon, and in 1939 DeLanceyo Ice Cream Store. Listed as vacant from 1940-1947, by 1948 Wanettes Ice Cream was established here briefly, then from 1949-1952 this was The Snack Bar, from 1954-1955 Coates Dry Cleaning & Laundry, then vacant again for a few years. From 1959-1965 this was the home of Polly Niceley Hair Stylist, from 1966-1983 Elsie's Beauty Salon, from 1984-1985 Pizazz Clothing Retail, in 1986 Reflections Gift Shop, in 1988-1991 Samanda's Too Clothing, in 1992 Mickey's Mine Gift Shop, in 1993 The Required Shirts & Shoes and starting in 1994 Billy Shears on the Avenue. Briefly in 2005 Karma Korner was also located in this strip. 2492 was the College Hill Pharmacy from 1915-1916, and then Burkholder's Confectionery in 1918. From 1919-1920 this was Mrs. Sheard's Hair Dressing Parlors as well as the Randolph Apartments from 1919-1924. Listed as the A&P Grocery Store from 1929-1934 (also listed at 2494 Rivermont) it became Pender's Grocery Store from 1935-1937, then Bibee's Super Market from 1938-1940. Vacant for several years, it was Mack & Ann's Restaurant #2 from 1946-1948, Lynchburg Crystal Cleaners in 1949, Lynchburg Washerette in 1950, and then Clarita's Beauty Shop from 1951-1953. Grace's, Inc., a woman's clothing store, occupied 2492.5 from 1949-1962 and then Carousel Clothing from 1965-1984. Leo Wood, currently at 2482.5 Rivermont, was located here from 1966-1989. Avenue Foods Catering has been at 2492 since 1997. The College Pharmacy was located at 2494/2496 from 1920-1952 then followed by Patterson Drug Company from 1953-1954. The location of Rivermont Hardware from 1959-1961, it was the College Cleaners in 1962 and then the Norge Cleaning and Laundry Village from 1963-1966. The City Directory does not list any businesses here from 1967-1983. Carousel Clothing was at this address in 1984 and then the corner of Rivermont and Norfolk became the location of several restaurants. T.C. Trotters opened here in 1985, remaining a neighborhood institution for years, then briefly followed by Shad's, Vine's, and Rivermont Bistro. In 2009 Mangia opened, to be followed by The Corner, Brauburgers and, just in the spring of 2020, Rivermont BierHaus. On the ground floor, Rivermont Pizza sharing the 2496 Rivermont address but with its entrance on Norfolk Avenue, has enjoyed a successful run since 2008.


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