2484-2488 Rivermont Ave

  • Upper Rivermont
  • Business
Property Name
Date Built
Style & Architectural Description
Commercial/No Style. 1-story, 3-bay, 6-bay brick office/retail building. An arcade is on the front of the west 3 bays, a restaurant in the east 2 bays. Metal canopies are over the bays of the arcade. Second part of complex is 2-story, 3-bay brick office building with two ground-floor businesses.
  • 1915-Unknown C.O. Estate, Fidelity National Bank Trustees.
  • Unknown-1939 Lynchurgh National Bank & Trust Co. Emaline Thornhill
  • 1939-1963 C.O. Estate, Fidelity National Bank Trustees
  • 1963-1964 Emaline L. Thornhill
  • 1964-1964 Aubrey E. Jr. & Steven Thornhill
  • 1964-1976 Westerly Acres Inc
  • 1976-1979 David D. & Leslie M. Basten
  • 1979-2006 Rivermont Company
  • 2006-Present Woo Enterprises LLC 
Anecdotal Information
According to the Lynchburg City Directory through 2014, the following businesses were listed at 2484 Rivermont (in more modern times the building was divided into suites so multiple businesses could occupy the same building). From 1911-1915 the College Park Post Office was located here. Then from 1916-1926 no businesses were listed. From 1927-1938 Charles O. Thornhill grocer, from 1939-1943 George F. Wright Grocers & Meats and from 1943-1956 Baldock & Co. Grocers (also from 1951-1954 Charles Hughes Meats was located here). Vacant in 1957, from 1958-1979 this was the location of Stork's Inc Women's Clothing, from 1969-1971 Back Alley Art Shop, from 1980-1985 As You Like It Women's Clothing, from 1980-1981 Racing & Courting Limited, from 1981-1983 Virginia Ten Miler, from 1982-1983 Avenue Spa, in 1984 Force Five Capitol, in 1985 Super Tan, from 1985-1991 Virginia Arts, from 1986-1990 Carter Bate's Women's Clothing, from 1986-2005 Elsie's Beauty Salon, from 1986-1988, Kirby's Jewelry Repair & Engraving, in 1989: Gilbert's Employment Agency, from 1991-1993: Samanda Too's, in 1991 Access Business Systems, in 1992: Federated Insurance Agency, in 1997 Thursdays & Saturdays, in 1997 and again in 2000-2011 Garland M. Gay Jr. & Co., from 1997-2001 Eames A Powers Jr. & Co Inc., from 2000-2005 Classic Touch, from 2002-2014 W.H. Burress III Inc., from 2006-2011 Daniel Owens PhD, from 2007-2010 Alligator Alley, from 2012-2014 Valley Proteins Inc., and from 2012-2014 Ameriprise Financial. The following businesses were listed in the Lynchburg City Directory for 2488 Rivermont through 2014: From 1917-1918 Mrs. Sheard's Hair Dressing Parlor, in 1919 E.W. Burkholder, druggist, from 1921-1954 and again from 1958-1962 The Ghent Apartments, in 1931 Elizabeth Massie, dress maker, from 1935-1939 The Great A&P Tea Co and then 1940-1952 A&P food Stores. In 1954 there are not any listing and in 1955 there's an indication of construction. From 1956-1968 this was the location of High's Ice Cream Co., and from 1971-1972 Randee's Italian Kitchen. Listed as either vacant or not listed at all from 1974-1988, in 1989 this was the location of Avenue Video and in 2010 D.M. Broughton & Associates. Current businesses include the Flint Property Group at 2484, Childress Law Firm at 2486, and Fur Kidz Pet Boutique at 2488.


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