429 Rivermont Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
429 Rivermont Ave
Property Name
Date Built
Edward G. Frye 
Style & Architectural Description
 Queen Anne. Elaborate Queen Anne style residence with a tall, hip-roofed and projecting polygonal wings on the east and west. The polygonal corner tower at the northeast has a tall ogee roof with bracketed eaves. Projecting gable-roofed front bay has recessed porch on the second story and attic story, decorated with East Lake style woodwork. Porch has triple colonettes on brick piers, turned balusters and spindles below the eaves. Tall chimneys are paneled and have elaborate corbel caps. Modified to 4 apartments.
  • 1902-1949 Unknown
  • 1949-1956 E. B. & Janie W. Harris
  • 1956-1969 Janie W. Harris
  • 1969-1980 Janice Virginia H. Johnson
  • 1980-2016 William H. Crank
  • 2016-Present Across the Bridge LLC
Anecdotal Information
 This house shows several indications of having been designed by Edward G. Frye, one of Lynchburg's most prolific architects from this period. Examples of Frye's work can be seen throughout the Rivermont Avenue neighborhood. He showed a particular affinity for the Queen Anne style, of which this house is a notable example. According to the Lynchburg City Directory, from 1938-1948 chiropractor Ethel A. McLuhan lived here.


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