405 Rivermont Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
405 Rivermont Ave.
Property Name
Sally Coles House
Date Built
Style & Architectural Description
Bungalow/Craftsman. 2-story, 3-bay hip-roofed frame house with a slate roof, central hipped dormer on the front elevation, astory, and a shed-roofed porch. Porch has Tuscan columns and turned balustrade. Windows on the front are paired 1/1 sash, with 2/2 sash used elsewhere. Dormer closed in metal louvered vent. Single dwelling modified to four apartments.
  • 1910-Unknown Sally Coles 
  • 1944 William P. Moon
  • 1944-1966 Oscar L. & Clyde H. Johnson
  • 1966-1973 Anice M. Howell
  • 1973-2012 William H. & Patricia C. Crank
  • 2012-2016 William H. Crank
  • 2016-Present Across the Bridge LLC
Anecdotal Information
the original owner of house was Sally Coles, The house is typical of the many modest frame houses built along the lower section of Rivermont Avenue in the early 20th century. Rundown in recent years, developer Tony West has proposed reconfiguring the home into three apartments. His plans include using 1151 D Street behind 405 as a paved parking area for the residents of 401 and 405.


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