400 Rivermont Ave/Victoria Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
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400 Rivermont/Victoria Avenue
Property Name
Brown Exterminating Company
Date Built
Style & Architectural Description
Eclectic. 1-story, 3-bay-wide, gable-roofed brick commercial building on a raised stone platform. Building facade has been modified and has an entrance on the south. Building has been remodeled heavily for use as an office. Windows and doors have been changed and stucco added to the facade.
  • Unknown-1942 John R. Wall
  • 1942-1963 Anna H. Wall
  • 1963-1971 John R. Wall Jr.
  • 1971-1976 Alsron A. Sr. & Violet S. Durham
  • 1976-1979 Frederick S. Furhman & Smiley W. H. Thurston
  • 1979-1993 John P. & Frances B. Tinsley
  • 1993-1996 Mark A. Borel
  • 1996-2005 Donald R. & Susan P. Summers 
  • 2005-Present Jeffrey W. & Rosemary G. Sumner
Anecdotal Information
One of the oldest buildings on Rivermont, this store has served a number of functions. It has housed a drugstore, grocery, and bakery, as well as a tailor shop. From 1929-1932 it was the Beahm Battery Co. The building is presently used as the office.of Brown Exterminating Company.


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