1224 Rivermont Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
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1224 Rivermont Ave
Property Name
Date Built
Style & Architectural Description
Early 20th-century Commercial. 1-story, 2-bay, gable-roofed brick commercial building with stepped parapet. Parapet has molded wood cornice. Course of vertical (soldier) bricks are above the wood sign on front facade. 2-story, 3-bay-deep wing located at rear. Window and doors do not appear to be original. Storm door added.
  • 1915-1936 Unknown
  • 1936-1955 Edward Meeks
  • 1955-1966 Ella W. Meeks
  • 1966-1967 John T. Rucker
  • 1967-1984 John T., J. Elden & Bess T. Rucker
  • 1984-1985 J. Elden & Bess T. Rucker
  • 1985-1986 Lloyd M. Wright
  • 1986-1999 George W. & Fannie B. Randolph
  • 1999-2008 Roberson& Roberson Incorporated
  • 2008-2012 M & M Properties of Lynchburg LLC
  • 2012-Present FIshes & Loaves Born Again Ministry 
Anecdotal Information
This building has served many purposes over the years. According to the Lynchburg City Directory, in 1916 this was the location of the Sanitax Cleaning Co., in 1917 Portsmouth Fish Co., in 1918 Rivermont Fish Market, in 1919 E.S. Wright, grocery, from 1920-1927 H.F. Fitzpatrick, confectioner, in 1928 Sidney W. Kelley, in 1929 Jesse. A. Kennedy, in 1930 Robert Bethel, from 1931-1932 Alfred C. Thomas, and in 1933 C. Gary Moore (all of the names from 1928-1933 were likely confectioners). In 1934 this was The Avenue Barber Shop, from 1935-1942 DeLancey's Ice Cream Manufacturers, from 1942-1943 Earl Law's Sandwich Shop, from 1943-1944 Tiny Tavern Restaurant, from 1945-1948 John Jennings restaurant, and from 1949-1974 Tiny Tavern. From 1976-1983 this was Margaret's Tiny Tavern, from 1984-2007 Tiny Tavern Sub Shop, from 2008-2009 Roberson & Roberson, and from 2012-2014 Papa Joes Fishes. In 2014 this building was the home to Fishes and Loaves God's Choice Cafe. As of the summer of 2020, this is the location for the Virginia Prep Sports Academy (VPSA).


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