1214 Rivermont Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
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1214 Rivermont Ave
Property Name
M.A. Dalton Painting Contractor
Date Built
Style & Architectural Description
No style. 1-story, 3-bay shed-roofed, frame commercial building. Front of building is obscured by a 1-bay, shed-roofed extension covered with Formstone. Doors and windows on main facade are not original and an overhang appears to have been removed.
  • 1922-1940 ; Unknown
  • 1940-1952 ; Lynchburg National Bank & Trust Company;
  • 1952-1972 Frances Thornhill;
  • 1972-1974 Barron O. & Dorothy B. Moore;
  • 1974-1980 Smith-Wimer Incorporated;
  • 1980-1985 Dan B. Candler;
  • 1985-1995 O. B. Ayers Jr.;
  • 1995-2013 Miltion A. Dalton
  • 2013-Present Larry and Harmoni Walker
Anecdotal Information
According to the Lynchburg City Directory, this small building has served many purposes over the years: from 1912-1925 this was the address of the Rivermont Grocery Store (which may have occupied a building predating the current one built in 1922), from 1928-1929 Jamison's Store and Bakery Co. Inc., from 1931-1947 Howard C. Ligon, grocer, in 1948 Camden's Grocery, in 1949 Spradlin & Davis Grocery Store, and from 1950-1951 Davis Grocery. After many years as a grocery store, from 1953-1955 Rivermont Radio & Television Sales & Service, from 1956-1960 Rivermont Radio & Television, from 1961-1972 Rivermont Radio & Television Repairs, in 1973 Famis Clothing Factory Outlet, from 1974-1979 Smith-Wimer Construction Co., from 1982-1985 Dan B. Candler Real Estate & Investing, in 1986 Snead-Payne & McCausland Inc., and from 1987-1988 ACTWU, the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union. Vacant or unlisted for many years, in 1997 the building housed Little Picadilly Square and since 2006 M.A. Dalton Painting Contractor, Inc.


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