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Property Name
Oakwood Country Club
Date Built
J. M. B. Lewis
Country Club
Style & Architectural Description
Bungalow/Craftsman. Large 1 1/2-story Bungalow-style fame clubhouse and stucco building with hooded dormers and overhanging hip roof.
  • 1914-2010 Oakwood Country Club 
  • 2010 Susan N. Morris & Fred C. Howell
  • 2010-Present Oakwood Forever LLC
Anecdotal Information
The club was originally founded as the Oakwood Gun Club for trapshooting, hunts and horses on a 15-acre tract near Rivermont Park (2900 block of Rivermont). When the members wanted to add a golf course, they purchased the present 100-acre tract at the corner of Rivermont and Link Road. When the club was built in 1914, the Rivermont Streetcar Line had extended out to this, then new, neighborhood. In 1915, the street car line added a spur to take in the newly built Peakland Place subdivsion. Oakwood Country Club's former golf course is curretntly being developed as home sites in a community called The Preserves at Oakwood. The Oakwood Country club demarcates the boundary of the Rivermont Historic District which extends primarily along the avenue to the Rivermont Bridge.


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