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Property Name
Mundy Memorial Building, Virginia Baptist Hospital
Date Built
Stanhope Johnson
Style & Architectural Description
Colonial Revival. 3-story main block of this building has its gable end turned toward the street and has two chimneys at either gable end joined by a short curtain wall. The 2-story classical surround on the gable end around the front door has a broken-arched pediment at the top. Windows are topped by small keystones and brick jack arches. Alterations have occurred to the rear of this building, most notably in 1948 when a long 11-bay addition was built.
Anecdotal Information
At a meeting in October of 1925 the hospital Board was informed of the $75,000 gift to the hospital from Mrs. Annie C. Mundy. It was used to construct the hospital's second unit and would provide 82 new beds. Architect for the Munding Building was Stanhope Johnson, and he continued the Georgian Revival style used in the previous Main Hall. The opening of the Mundy Building in September of 1926 brought the hospitals' capacity to 190 beds, alleviating a severe shortage of private rooms. The original plan called for a series of buildings arranged on a single east-west axis. Additions have continued to the present, mostly in the rear of the complex. The hospital has maintained the park-like lawn in front, a significant green space on the avenue.


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