1218 Rivermont Ave

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1218 Rivermont Ave
Property Name
Dominion Kidz Child Development Center
Date Built
Child Care Center
Style & Architectural Description
Recently refurbished, the building is commercial structure built of concrete-block with brick veneer.
  • 1928-1939 Unknown
  • 1939-1993 F. Kirk Perrow Jr. 
  • 1993 F. Kirk Perrow III
  • 1993-2007 F. Kirk Jr.
  • 2007-2012 Milton Dalton
  • 2012-Present FIshes and Loaves Born Again Ministry 
Anecdotal Information
As with all building in both commercial strips on Rivermont Avenue, this building has served a variety of functions over the years. According to the Lynchburg City Directory, from 1918-1943 Baldock & Co Grocers, from 1948-1954 Lynchburg Life Saving & First Aid Crew, from 1955-1973 Rivermont Meat Market, from 1974-1977 Piedmont Supply Co. Inc., from 1978-1979: CMT Sporting Goods, from 1980-1984 Shekinah Glory Baptist Church, from 1985-2007 Sealtite Siding & Window Co., and after that it served again as a house of worship, Dominion New Word Ministries International. It is currently Dominion Kidz Child Development Center, part of the Fishes and Loaves Born Again Ministries.


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