1222 Rivermont Ave

  • Lower Rivermont
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1222 Rivermont Ave
Property Name
Date Built
Clark & Crowe
Style & Architectural Description
Early 20th-century Commercial. 2-story, 3-bay gabled-roofed brick building with stepped parapet. First story includes original display windows; second story features 6/3 sash windows. Brick belt course separates first and second stories. Cinder block addition fronts rear alley. 2 of 3 windows on right side covered with siding.
The ownership history is difficult to discern due to the shifting addresses of several of the commercial buildings in this strip.  According to the Lynchburg City directory, the following businesses were located at this address:
  • 1916-1924 : Walter P. Shaner Meats
  • 1925-1928: The Great A&P tea Company
  • 1929-1931: Sun-Lite Bakery
  • 1933-1940: Rivermont Meat Market
  • 1942-1944: Rivermont Barber Shop
  • 1948-1964: listed with dry cleaners located at 1220, Rivermont Dry Cleaners Co.
  •  1965-2014: no listings at all, likely the address has been combined with 1220
Anecdotal Information
As of 2014, this address had been subdivided into 2 addresses. The doorway between the two buildings in the photo is 1222-A and led to the second floor Dominion Living Fellowship Hall. The building on the left of the photo is 1222-B, Fishes and Loaves Ministry Store.


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