Bob also regularly patronized local businesses on Rivermont Avenue with his parents like Pearson’s Drug Store, Piggly Wiggly and A&P grocery stores, and Katie Mundy’s Columns restaurant. The downtown department stores, such as Guggenheimer’s, Millner’s, Miller & Rhoads, Snyder & Bernam, and Leggett’s, were also regular stops on weekend shopping ventures. Of all the institutions that are long gone, he particularly remembered Dr. Butler’s Rivermont Pharmacy.  He fondly recalled stopping at Rivermont Pharmacy with his mother for ice cream on the walk back home from the Community Concert Series at Randolph-Macon.  He also remembered that Dr. Butler would make his own medical “concoctions.”  A standout was Multi-Mulsion, “the worst tasting stuff you ever tasted” that his mother would swear by as a cure for a variety of ailments.

Further reminiscing about his parents, he talked about the two businesses his father had on Cabell Street, a notions and dry goods store, the Standard Notion Company, as well as a grocery store started by his mother’s parent’s, J.B. White & Company, located at the corner of C and Cabell.  Bob’s father also owned the old church at 215 Cabell (which is still standing) that he used as his warehouse.

Anne McDaniel worked in the development and alumni offices at the Seven Hills School on Rivermont. Her years at the school were interesting to say the least – she even filled in as a school nurse from time to time. As Ann recalled, for those seeking a small school experience, Seven Hills was a logical choice for female students until Virginia Episcopal School down the road went coeducational in 1986. When Seven Hills closed in 1995, all of its records were transferred to VES. The single-sex educational experience certainly had an impact on their daughter Elizabeth who attended and absolutely loved R-MWC.

            Though the Lynchburg experience has changed over the course of time, the McDaniels maintained their warm feelings for the town that remained Bob’s lifelong home. Rivermont Avenue is what it is today because of people like Bob and Ann – a charming and loving place. 

Interviewed 6/29/2010


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