Louise remembered that when she moved into 2214 downtown Lynchburg was a true destination in the 1960s, as was Rivermont Avenue. The Jones Library was still at its original location on Lower Rivermont, or, as it was called in earlier times, Library Hill.  Louise also recalled a humorous anecdote of being designated as a child in the Jones Library records because of her height even though she was already a grown (and married!) adult.  Michael reminisced about his time at Garland-Rodes, located so close to his home that he easily could go home for lunch as well as having recess in Riverside Park.

Though it has since been revitalized, downtown was greatly affected by the mass exodus of venerable department stores, shoe stores, furniture stores, movie theaters, and so on to Pittman Plaza, then River Ridge Mall and still later to Wards Road. Closer to home, the Dodgions spoke highly of the establishments that had previously lined Rivermont, such as Pearson’s Drug Store (now Magnolia Foods) or Katie Mundy’s Columns restaurant (now the Randolph College Admissions Office). The Dodgions will always think fondly about the family friendliness of local ice cream shops and toy stores as well. 

            Rivermont Avenue has surely changed over the years, but the Dodgion family does not plan to leave any time soon. Their dedication to life on the Avenue and their historical knowledge of their neighborhood is nothing short of remarkable.

Interviewed 6/15/2011





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