Ann’s Rivermont memories include getting married at her parent’s home in 1944, in the midst of World War II.  So many of their friends were stationed elsewhere that it was a small wedding but her dress, like all bridal gowns, was beautiful, even more so because it was made by her mother-in-law.  Over the years five other brides wore the dress and a sixth wore the veil.  Though their very first home was a Quonset hut on a naval base, after they returned to Lynchburg she and her husband lived at 7 North Princeton Circle.  Her children would attend Garland-Rodes as she had done, but now had to walk to school because the trolley was long gone.  Eventually the family moved to 771 Bonair Circle, not so far from Rivermont, where Christmas was special as her four children, twelve grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren would come to the house to celebrate.

While acknowledging that downtown had fallen on some hard times starting in the 1970s, she was happy to see its revitalization, including First Fridays, and to see so much work being done to keep up the magnificent homes along Rivermont Avenue.

Interviewed 5/23/10


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