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2101 Rivermont Ave




Property Name:
Francis M. Dunnington House

Date Built:

McLaughlin & Johnson



Style & Architectural Description:
Colonial Revival. 2 1/2-story, 3-bay hip-roofed brick house with the tile roof and overhanging and eaves. Round-arched dormers, 1-story porch with fluted columns and brick piers. Modified to 3 apartments. There is a secondary building: 1-story brick garage with tile roof, same style as house.

1914-1936 Unknown 1936-1942 First Presbyterian Church 1942-1965 S. Duvall & Maude C. Martin 1965-1987 James K. & Gertrude M. Paulette 1987-Present Carl D. And Joyce L. Manfield

Anecdotal Information:
Interview with Carl & Joyce Manfield on July, 6, 2015: Carl and Joyce Manfield have lived in their home on Rivermont for thirty years. The house was used as parsonage for a Presbyterian church. The church sold it to Duvall Martin, who was a judge, and his wife Maude, who was the head nurse at Virginia Baptist Hospital. They had painted the woodwork in the basement green and red for Christmas parties. The owners after that made the house into apartments. Two sisters lived in the upstairs in apartments for sixteen years. Carl and Joyce let the sisters remain upstairs and have very fond memories of Helen Brown who was an English and Latin teacher. She would go to Atlantic City during the summers and was a fortune teller. The house has oak floors up and downstairs and air conditioning. The property also has a garage in the back of the house.

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