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2140 Rivermont Ave




Property Name:
George H. Cosby House

Date Built:

McLaughlin & Johnson


Single Family

Style & Architectural Description:
Bungalow/Craftsman. 2 1/2-story, 3-bay stucco-brick house with 1-story porch. Porch has clustered columns, sash has 6/6 original shutters. Hip-roofed dormers.

1913-1944 M. B. Cosby 1944-1973 Joseph W. Houck 1973-1976 Martin O. & Betty M. Miller Jr. 1976-1983 Louis S. & Roberta W. Sady 1983-1997 Mark R. & Cheryl L. Armstrong 1997-2001 Edward M. Berlin 2001-Present Michael R. Doucette (from city directories until 2014) 1946-1947: Cordella Scruggs, nurse; 1948-1973: residence; 1974: no return; 1975-2002: residence; 2003-2004: not listed; 2005: Elizabeth P. Doucette, attorney; 2006: not listed; 2007: residence; 2008-2009: not listed; 2010-2014: residence

Anecdotal Information:
Interview with Michael & Elizabeth Doucette on June 30, 2011: Michael and Elizabeth Doucette moved onto Rivermont in 2001 from Bedford. They have kept the woodwork and light switches the same, and have tried to make the light fixtures true to the character of the house. The couple has rebuilt the front porch, re-done the sunroom, and as of 2010 started redoing the slate roof in stages. They have also had insulation put in but kept the plaster walls. They added air conditioning in 2009. The house was said to be one of two built by two unmarried sisters, to look alike and be mirror images on the inside. The house features a huge landing and foyer, and large windows. The property also shares a driveway with 2142 Rivermont Avenue.

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