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1224 Rivermont Ave



1224 Rivermont Ave

Property Name:
Jesse A. Kennedy Confectionary

Date Built:




Style & Architectural Description:
Early 20th-century Commercial. 1-story, 2-bay, gable-roofed brick commercial building with stepped parapet. Parapet has molded wood cornice. Course of vertical (soldier) bricks are above the wood sign on front facade. 2-story, 3-bay-deep wing located at rear. Window and doors do not appear to be original. Storm door added.

1915-1936 Unknown 1936-1955 Edward Meeks 1955-1966 Ella W. Meeks 1966-1967 John T. Rucker 1967-1984 John T., J. Elden & Bess T. Rucker 1984-1985 J. Elden & Bess T. Rucker 1985-1986 Lloyd M. Wright 1986-1999 George W. & Fannie B. Randolph 1999-2008 Roberson& Roberson Incorporated 2008-Present M & M Properties of Lynchburg LLC (from city directories until 2014) 1916: Sanitax Cleaning co.; 1917: Portsmouth Fish co.; 1918: Rivermont Fish Market; 1919: E.S. Wright grocery; 1920-1927: H.F. Fitzpatrick confectioner; 1928: Sidney W. Kelley; 1929: Jesse. A. Kennedy; 1930: Robert Bethel; 1931-1932: Alfred C. Thomas; 1933: C. Gary Moore; 1934: The Avenue Barber Shop; 1935-1942: DeLancey's Ice Cream Manufacturers; 1942-1943: Earl Law's Sandwich Shop; 1943-1944: Tiny Tavern Restaurant; 1945-1948: John Jennings restaurant; 1949-1974: Tiny Tavern; 1975: vacant; 1976-1978: Margaret's Tiny Tavern; 1979: vacant; 1980-1983: Margaret's Tiny Tavern; 1984-2007: Tiny Tavern Sub Shop; 2008-2009: Roberson & Roberson; 2010-2011: not listed; 2012-2014: Papa Joes Fishes

Anecdotal Information:
This building is currently home to Fishes and Loaves God's Choice Cafe. They have opened the connecting wall and made 1226 part of the cafe. See entry for 1226 Rivermont.

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