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2106 Rivermont Ave




Property Name:

Date Built:

Frye & Chesterman


Single Family

Style & Architectural Description:
Colonial Revival. 2 1/2-story, 3-bay, hip-roofed frame with gable-roofed dormers. 1-story porch and paired 2/2 sash windows. Vinyl and aluminum siding added. There is a secondary building : Garage at rear is 2 stories, frame with slate and composition roof. Kitchen/potting shed is frame with metal roof.

1901-1954 Unknown 1954-1954 Louise C. Pritchett 1954-1968 William C. Pritchett 1968-1970 Charles M. & Antoinette P. Alty 1970-1973 Herman F. & Norma C. Hawthorne 1973-1994 Bobby M. & Anne H. Bishop 1994-1998 Robert L. & Bonnie M 1998-Present Thomas H. III and Jean L. Casey

Anecdotal Information:
Interview with Jean Casey on June 15, 2010: In 1999 Jean and Thomas Casey moved into 2106 Rivermont Avenue after purchasing the house in late 1998. Jean was drawn to the Avenue by the sense of permanence it gave her after spending a lot of her childhood moving around. The house was built by a Scotsman, Charles McCloud, who owned a livery stable on Commerce Street. The house took $3,000 dollars to build in 1901. The property includes an old carriage house in the back that served as a stable for McCloud’s horses and the upstairs housed the stable boys, until he sold the property. Later the carriage house became a neighborhood hangout for teenagers. The house itself is very practical without a lot of gingerbread design included. It was made into apartments at one time, but since then has been converted back into a single family home.

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