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1206 Rivermont Ave



1206 Rivermont Ave

Property Name:
J. H. Hancock Storage

Date Built:

Heard & Cardwell

Hamilton Brothers


Style & Architectural Description:
Early 20th-century commercial. 1-story, 3-bay wide, 5-bay deep, concrete-block commercial building with brick veneer on main facade and west facade. Cornice composed of brick dentils with scallop-trimmed metal hood. Main entrance is flanked by 3-light sidelights.

1927-1947 Unknown 1947-1960 Emma H. Hancock 1960-1976 Martha B. Hancock 1976-1988 Peter John Gregores 1988-1995 G & G Video Incorporated 1995-1997 Christine M. Gambone 1997-2004 Christian M. & Anne P. Gambone 2004-2006 Keith L. Mann & Jason E. Brown 2006-Present Avenue Arts LLC (from city directories until 2014) 1902-1926: Rivermont Avenue Presbyterian Church; 1927-1935: Bibee's Busy Stores grocers; 1936-1938: Piggly Wiggly Anderson Co. branch grocers; 1939, 1941-1945, 1954-1955, 1962-1963: vacant; 1940: Dowdy H. Marshall grocers; 1946-1953: Herbert L. Curlee Commercial refrigerators; 1956-1961: CR Hudgins Gold & Silver Plating; 1964-1965: James River Press Inc.; 1965-1987: Coleman & Bradley Printers; 1966: Coin Stamp; 1988-1999: G&G Amusement Vendors and Video Inc.; 2000-2014: not listed

Anecdotal Information:
Building erected in 1927 as a grocery store, it closed in 1953 and has served a variety of uses since then. The building most recently has been Avenue Arts, an art studio and gallery.

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